Data Protection compliance through ICT implementation

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EMD has developed software and a number of work programmes aimed at bringing our clients in line with the requirements of the Maltese Data Protection Act 2001 and introduce procedures to remain compliant. Our methodologies and solution set will help the client simplify as much as possible, the implementation of the new rights and obligations arising from the Act by focusing on the practical aspects of such implementation.

Our data protection team is made up of consultants practising in the legal, information technology, and compliance fields. The team is in regular contact with the Data Protection Commission, and through this relationship with the local authority, we have established practical resolutions to arguable issues arising out of the legislation. We have also compiled templates and legal clauses that would be used on contracts and documents.

The focus of our approach is on guiding our clients in taking the required steps to get in line with the act whilst avoiding any unnecessary “re-engineering” of the organisation’s procedures.

EMD is also in a position to act as Data Protection Representative as defined in the law, relieving the organisation of the notification processes and supervising ongoing compliance.