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Amongst other services, we assist clients in the selection and implementation of systems – software, hardware, networks, telecommunications, etc. These tend to be one-off assignments with a start and finish.

However, as there is a growing dependency on ICT systems amongst our clients, and due to ever-increasing HR related costs, many clients are increasingly becoming interested in outsourcing their ICT support or even part of their ICT staff complement. Thus, in reaction to this reality, we have extended our professional services to include ICT technical support and software development services.

Once engaged, we do not attempt to replace our clients’ hardware or software vendors. Rather, we take the role of the ICT manager/systems administrator and thus take on full responsibility and become the single point of contact within the client’s organisation for all ICT matters. If deemed necessary, we can also interact with the various suppliers or service providers on our client’s behalf. However, when carrying out any of the abovementioned work, we shall ensure that our clients’ management retains ICT ownership and direction.

If our client already has a number of ICT roles being fulfilled, we can assist and complement them. Our clients can also opt to outsource to EMD, part or all of their software development, or any other related work; our qualified and experienced software development team will be able to assist efficiently and effectively.