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A number of incentives available to organisations which set up back office operations in Malta have been particularly successful in attracting such types of operations to our shores. In fact, it is a policy of the Maltese authorities to encourage the setting up of Malta based operations that offer back office administration and support services.

Malta’s success in attracting operations of this nature is also attributable to the availability of a well-educated and skilled multilingual workforce; highly qualified professionals; state-of-the-art telecommunication facilities; comparatively low office and employment costs and fiscal-related benefits.

Back office services include routine administrative and clerical services such as customer support, processing and recording of invoices, sales transactions, book keeping and accounting services, management information reporting and data processing. In the event that the back office and support services are to be provided to licensed financial services entities, the approval of the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide such back office services would be required.

The firm assists clients intending to set up back office operations in Malta with all their requirements including liaison with the competent authorities and drafting of all the necessary agreements.