Recent Amendments to the Gaming Act

On the basis of the principle of public policy, the Gaming Act, Chapter 583 of the Laws of Malta, hasbeen amended by Act No. XXI of 2023 to prevent any action from being brought against Maltese gaming operators in relation to an activity which is covered under a licence issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.
In effect, the Act specifically provides that no action may be filed against a licence holder, current and/or former officers or key persons of a licence holder for matters relating to the provision of a gaming service, or against a player for the receipt of such gaming service.

This protection is granted, if such action conflicts with or undermines the legality of the provision of gaming services in or from Malta by virtue of a licence issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, or the legality of any obligation resulting from the provision of such gaming services, or relates to an authorised activity which is lawful in terms of the Gaming Act and other applicable regulatory instruments.

The amendment further provides that the Courts of Malta are to refuse recognition and/or enforcement in Malta of any foreign judgment given in such actions.
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